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All Media Insights April 5, 2024

How is AI impacting the field of marketing and advertising?

Writen by Lawrence Peter

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Impact of AI for Marketing & Advertising: Insights & Trends

What is the major problem with your team? Is it to create high-quality content and digestible reads? Is it to analyze data and create reports? Or else market research a given topic and learn the different behaviors of consumers at all stages of your marketing funnel?

The whole idea of the AI revolution is to ease the workflow at all stages and ensure people quickly find the information they are looking for across all search engines. Continue reading to learn about the different trends in AI for marketing and how you can use these different AI trends to shift business growth rapidly.

Since the evolution of AI technology, established companies have started seeing the impact AI has on rapid business growth. In some recent surveys, the data revealed:

  • 68% of marketing leaders have seen significant growth in business after implementing AI and Automation in their workflow
  • 62% of business leaders have invested in AI and automation tools for their employees to enhance productivity
  • 71% of businesses using AI and automation tools have reported unprecedented growth and positive ROI
  • 72% of business leaders say AI and automation make their employees more productive.

As AI technology keeps evolving, experience with AI tools and advanced prompt engineering have become more in-demand marketing skills as companies are opening up new AI-related dedicated roles. AI is not only time-saving; its importance goes far and wide to unlock a world of insights, incredible ideas, and more.

What is an AI marketing company?

An AI marketing agency applies artificial intelligence (AI) to various marketing operations for improved efficiency and effectiveness. It uses customized algorithms, AI tools, and analytics to help your business achieve a higher ROI and achieve its set marketing goals.

The marketing and advertising industry uses creatives. Advertisers have adopted AI in their digital advertising endeavors to build ad creatives, segment audiences, test and improve ad performances, optimize ad spending, and personalize experiences.

As an advertiser or marketing company looking to scale your business, learning the newest industry trends regarding AI-assisted marketing for improved marketing operations and strategy is essential.

Wide Wings Media is among the many AI marketing agencies in Dubai, UAE. They have an incredible track record of helping companies professionalize their marketing processes and reach new heights, including minimizing ad spend. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to uncover new marketing insights and collect data to boost and optimize the performance of our marketing processes.

Wide Wings Media (WWM) is a digital media and advertising agency that manages businesses’ and professionals’ marketing and advertising needs, helping them strengthen their online reputations and scale their services and products.

All our marketing professionals are carefully vetted to meet global certification standards, ensuring our clients benefit from a high-quality digital marketing experience and service delivery.

What can AI marketing companies do?

Impact of AI for Marketing & Advertising: Insights & Trends

AI marketing agencies can be helpful in your marketing operations in many ways, including:

  • Personalizing marketing campaigns: With AI in marketing, it is easy to send personalized messages to each one of your potential customers or target audiences, enabling a firm and close relationship with them. AI marketing companies like Wide Wings Media (WWM) use unique machine learning algorithms to create personalized marketing campaigns that generate results quickly and effortlessly.
  • Media analytics is helpful for businesses that want to learn how consumers react, behave, and engage with their products or services. In AI marketing, media analytics is designed to comprehend consumers’ different behaviors and reactions to your products or services.
  • Conversational AI: Conversational AI is specifically about effectively automating customer conversations. It is used to improve customer satisfaction and experience.
  • Predictive analytics: Predictive analytics is among the popular AI marketing trends that help you collect and organize insights about your customers’ behaviors, predict and suggest the necessary optimization steps, and make informed decisions for your company based on predictions.
  • Marketing automation: Marketing automation means automating marketing activities to save time and effort for your team. AI marketing companies can help you automate your marketing tasks like advertising, design, copywriting, etc., so that you can focus more on other business areas.

The top AI marketing companies can assist you in marketing automation by using AI to supercharge your marketing processes and get unprecedented results.

Why would I need AI for marketing and advertising?

AI has become integral in the marketing and advertising industries, and many brands that have adopted and integrated AI into their marketing processes have already benefited. AI has been phenomenal, whether it is to scale content, automate responses, manage workflows, build ad creatives, or optimize ad campaigns. Here are some reasons one would develop the need to consider using AI in marketing and advertising campaigns.

AI’s complex algorithm is designed to ease all processes, identifying new audiences and conversion opportunities and unlocking hidden insights. Whether analyzing interests, behaviors, demographics, or building more comprehensive audience profiles, it is designed to ease all processes.

This not only provides better insights into the kind of ads that resonate with a specific target audience or area but also helps in constantly monitoring social media marketing activities and interactions on web profiles.

Competitive analysis: AI can speed up gaining insights into your competitors’ creatives, strategies, and ad spending. It is easier to analyze data from social media and data management platforms’ ad libraries to identify the ad formats and messaging, keywords, and other information that your competitors are using, which you can use to adjust your campaigns.

AI can help advertisers predict ad performance before launching their ad campaigns using predictive analytics. These tools analyze historical data patterns and trends to determine the different variables and how they can affect the campaign’s performance.

How can one build an AI marketing strategy?

Impact of AI for Marketing & Advertising: Insights & Trends

AI advertising has since taken the stage to improve all advertising efforts. Many advertisers have benefited as they automate the repetitive tasks involved in day-to-day marketing and advertising.

Identify and segment the audience.

With its ability to analyze large consumer databases and identify patterns, AI is more efficient at gathering and distilling information based on characteristics or preferences to deliver ads, which drives quality traffic and engagement ratio.

Build an ad creative

AI tools like Jasper AI, ChatGPT, and copy.ai create content for advertisements, reducing the time taken.

Synthesia.io and other AI tools reduce or eliminate the need for long hours of animating and recording to create videos for ads. These tools can help you edit your videos quickly and benefit YouTube advertising.

Personalize the ad campaign.

While humans normally focused on creating ads that would appeal to the masses, it was later understood that the key to a successful and effective campaign was the specificity of the ads. Propagating ads to an audience who may or may not be interested in your services could be more efficient and affordable.

AI can understand each customer on a deeper level by understanding their preferences and demographics and analyzing their browsing history and behavior. It uses this understanding to deliver highly personalized ads to customers based on their preferences.

Automate ad placement and bidding

AI algorithms can analyze large data sets in real-time to determine the likelihood of a user clicking on an ad and converting. This real-time data can allow advertisers to make more informed decisions about which ads to bid on to increase conversions and improve their ROI and ad performance.

Optimize ad performance and spending.

AI uses user data analysis to understand audiences’ preferences. It can then determine which kind of ads would perform better with which sets of audiences. These can then be categorized based on age, gender, and location, among other more subjective filters like preferences and interests.

The advertising industry is benefiting from the use of AI in various ways, such as targeting the right audience, personalization, optimizing ads, and placing bids.

Many brands have already leveraged AI in their advertising campaigns, and others are following suit. Thus, the demand for AI will only rise, and brands must leverage its power to improve their advertising campaigns and accelerate business growth.

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