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Pay Per Click

Strategic and Data-Driven PPC Agency in Dubai

Experience a substantial boost in your daily leads and sales by partnering with Wide Wings Media, the foremost PPC Agency in Dubai. Our commitment is to deliver a robust return on your advertising investment, regardless of your business size.

Our PPC services in Dubai are meticulously crafted to amplify your goal conversions, be it leads or sales, while concurrently reducing your costs.

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, stands out as one of the most transformative mediums in digital advertising.

PPC empowers businesses to pre-plan their advertising budget, implement distinctive strategies, and target audiences precisely when they are actively searching for products and services similar to theirs.

Notably, pay-per-click advertising services represent the sole advertising model enabling businesses to accurately measure their return on investment (ROI).

  • + Keyword Research
  • + Campaign Strategy
  • + Ad Copywriting
  • + Ad Extensions
  • + Landing Page Optimization
  • + Bid Management
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PPC Platform Selection

In the initial phase of our paid media marketing process, we focus on platform selection. Numerous platforms offer PPC advertising opportunities in Dubai, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Shopville.

Campaign Setup

Subsequent to platform selection, our next step involves setting up a tailored campaign for your PPC marketing in Dubai. Our experienced paid media marketing professionals collaborate with you to establish campaign objectives.

Ad Copy Production

Our creative team crafts compelling, action-focused headlines and benefit-oriented descriptions designed to evoke emotions such as urgency, curiosity, or excitement, ultimately prompting action.

Publishing and A/B Testing

Once the ad copies and creatives are published for your paid media marketing campaign, we initiate A/B testing to identify the best-performing ad elements, thereby enhancing ROI and overall efficiency.

Harness the Power of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

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Unlock a significant competitive advantage with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising—a potent tool that propels you ahead of competitors. Statistics reveal that visitors reaching your website through PPC ads are 50% more likely to convert than those stumbling upon your site organically.

Our approach involves skillfully utilizing robust targeting capabilities, such as demographics, geotargeting, interests, and behaviors. We seamlessly set up, optimize, run, and manage your PPC campaigns, ensuring a strategic alignment with your business objectives.

Wide Wings Media, recognized as an award-winning PPC agency in Dubai, extends its expertise across various channels, including search, social, display, email, and SEM management. Our methodology centers on an audience-first approach, dedicated to maximizing the return on your investment.

Contact us today to explore how we can drive traffic, generate leads, and elevate sales for your business, even in the initial phases of your marketing campaigns. Experience the transformative impact of our PPC services and stay ahead in the competitive landscape


  • + Business analysis
  • + Campaign objective
  • + Preparing proposal
  • + Deciding deliverables


  • + Industry research
  • + Competitor research
  • + Selecting marketing channels
  • + Strategy development

A/B Testing

  • + Experimenting with ads
  • + Experimenting with content
  • + Testing SEO techniques
  • + Analyzing audience behavior


  • + Creating campaign
  • + Content production
  • + Strategy optimization
  • + Performance Analysis

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Why work with Wide Wings Media?

The Advantages of PPC Advertising Services

  • + Pay-Per-Click Excellence: What distinguishes PPC from other advertising methods is its unique pay-only-per-click model. When you initiate a PPC campaign, you only incur costs when a potential customer actively clicks on your ad. This payment structure ensures that you are investing solely in instances where your advertisement has a tangible impact, maximizing your returns.
  • + Precision in Targeting: PPC allows for highly focused customer targeting based on specific keywords within search engines and other websites. In essence, you are directing your efforts towards customers who have demonstrated genuine interest in your product or service. Moreover, if they click on the ad to visit your website, you can employ retargeting on various platforms through condition-based cookies.
  • + Rapid Results: In comparison to alternative advertising strategies, PPC offers expedited results by directly reaching out to customers actively seeking products or services similar to yours. This approach guarantees more leads and increased conversion opportunities.
  • + Ease of Measurement and Tracking: The performance of PPC campaigns can be continuously monitored and tracked, ensuring they consistently deliver the desired results. This meticulous tracking provides valuable insights, enabling PPC managers to make strategic adjustments to elements such as ad copy and landing pages until the intended outcomes are achieved.

Paid Search

Google Ads offer extensive reach and stand out as one of the premier platforms for executing your PPC campaigns. Why? Well, an impressive 95% of all mobile ad clicks occur on Google, eclipsing other search engines. This establishes Google Ads as a paramount channel to engage individuals at various stages of the buyer's journey. We excel not only in optimizing your PPC campaign for Google but also for other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. For our global clientele, we broaden your horizons to include Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia.

Social Advertising

With the rise of paid ads and the unprecedented global popularity of social media, social media advertising has emerged as a strategic promotional approach in the digital era. Leveraging social media advertising enables you to expand your brand's reach and forge connections with customers in previously untapped markets. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide avenues for impactful advertising, allowing you to engage audiences across diverse platforms.

Programmatic Advertising

Harnessing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence, programmatic advertising facilitates the automation and optimization of your ad buying process. By tapping into a wealth of behavioral insights, we identify and connect with new consumers beyond the scope of search engines alone, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing stands as a form of brand advocacy, with affiliate marketers championing your brand on their platforms. The persuasive and universal nature of affiliate marketing is evident, as many consumers make purchases based on product reviews by affiliate marketers. Our expertise lies in planning, implementing, and refining your affiliate marketing campaigns, ensuring you reach a broader target audience and capitalize on this compelling form of promotion

Crafting a successful PPC campaign is an intricately structured endeavor that demands meticulous planning and execution. At Wide Wings Media, we've formulated a comprehensive six-step approach to seamlessly align your PPC campaign with your business objectives.

Understanding Your Goals:

The cornerstone of a triumphant PPC campaign lies in a lucid comprehension of your business goals. Whether your objective is to enhance brand awareness, generate leads, or drive sales, we collaborate closely with you to discern your goals. By delving into the specifics of your objectives, we tailor a campaign strategy precisely attuned to your business vision.

Platforms Selection and Audit:

Through a thorough, data-oriented paid media marketing audit, our services in Dubai unveil the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is a pivotal step in our PPC campaign process. Our PPC Ad experts meticulously identify keywords most relevant to your target audience's searches. This strategic selection ensures your ads surface when potential customers search for those terms. Additionally, we evaluate the competitiveness of each keyword and consider the cost per click (CPC) for effective campaign optimization.

Ad Creation and Landing Page Optimization:

Crafting compelling ad copy and optimizing landing pages are pivotal elements for capturing audience attention and prompting action. We guarantee that your ads resonate with your target audience, and your landing pages offer a seamless and user-friendly experience. Clear calls to action are incorporated to guide visitors, enhancing the overall efficacy of your PPC campaign.

Campaign Launch and Management:

With meticulous planning in place, we launch your PPC campaign and closely monitor its performance. Our ad experts continuously assess the data, making necessary adjustments to optimize outcomes. Tracking conversion data is a priority, ensuring your campaign not only attracts clicks but also translates them into tangible results aligned with your business goals.

Reporting and Analysis:

Transparency is paramount, and our team provides regular reports on your PPC campaign's performance. These reports showcase metrics such as clicks, impressions, conversions, and costs. We collaborate with you to analyze results and make recommendations for improvement.

Campaign Optimization:

The final step in our meticulous PPC campaign process involves continuous refinement for sustained success. This encompasses tracking conversion data, adjusting keywords and ad copy, and testing different bidding strategies.

By adhering to these six steps, Wide Wings Media can assist you in creating a successful PPC campaign, ensuring agility, effectiveness, and alignment with the evolving dynamics of the digital landscape. Partnering with us means embarking on a journey of continuous improvement and achieving your business objectives with success.

Performance Media Marketing

A customer-centric approach forms the bedrock of any triumphant performance media campaign, amalgamating your data, media, creative elements, and technology into a seamlessly integrated strategy aimed at realizing your business objectives. At our core, we are performance experts with an in-depth comprehension of the digital landscape, encompassing Search, Display, and Social. We collaborate closely with you to foster the growth of your business.

Credibility of our Pay-Per-Click Agency

Wide Wings Media proudly holds the distinction of being a Google Premier Partner. This status empowers our clients to harness the advantages of the latest innovations, positioning them ahead of competitors. Partnering with Incubeta extends your reach across a network of 22 offices, covering various languages globally. This expansive network enables us to execute cutting-edge international paid media campaigns directly from our Dubai office.

Strategic Approach to Display Advertising

An effective display campaign should be intricately linked to your comprehensive digital strategy. Without holistic support, a display campaign may miss valuable opportunities, as display is now more than just about brand awareness. Driving performance and ROI in display campaigns necessitates a robust strategy on platforms like Google AdWords or DV360.

It's crucial to align your display marketing strategy with your overarching efforts and business objectives for optimal results in display marketing.

Programmatic and RTB for Display Inventory

Assuming familiarity with programmatic buying, we won't delve into its intricacies. We can collaborate with multiple third-party DSPs (demand-side platforms) to enhance your display marketing endeavors. Leveraging platforms such as DV360, Publisher Partners, and other technology providers, we have executed numerous campaigns that delivered remarkable results. In essence, this approach offers a more intelligent way to procure inventory and reach the intended audience.

Premium and Direct Display Buys

Not all display marketing inventory is accessible through exchanges. Prominent sites with high traffic prefer selling their on-site inventory directly to partners. Our direct relationships with various display publishers across the MENA region and beyond enable us to help you attain your brand objectives. Offering local and international premium display solutions, our reach spans diverse offices.

Paid Social Media Marketing

While everyone recognizes social media's efficacy in reaching the right audience at the right time, the diminishing power of organic reach necessitates paid social media campaigns. Exceptional content alone is often insufficient. Thus, partnering with us becomes imperative. We collaborate directly with META, TikTok, Snapchat, and X, guiding you through the intricate landscape of social networks, formulating results-oriented strategies, and advising on optimal allocation of your social media marketing budgets.

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