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All Media Insights April 1, 2024

Make a Lasting Impression: Street Advertising & Marketing

Writen by Lawrence Peter

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Stand Out with Effective Street Marketing & Advertising

Have you seen a brand, product, service, or a person’s face on a Bus bench or kiosk and wondered how they got that advertisement in such a place? Street advertising, commonly called street furniture advertising, pushes your brand to audiences in urban or suburban areas as they do their routine duties. This form of advertising is commonly associated with amenities and public fixtures, including bus shelters, trash cans, kiosks, and benches.

In this article, we discuss insights into the background of street marketing & advertising, its benefits and why it has been popular over the years in bridging the gap between brands and consumers

What is street furniture advertising?

Street furniture advertising is commonly static, digital, or even interactive posters and billboards on public amenities. It is an integral and effective marketing strategy for startup businesses looking to target specific demographics or geographical areas. Street advertising is affordable as compared to large-format billboards, which tend to cost more.

Street marketing is, therefore, a subset of marketing that takes into account the environment around a product or service to reach targeted customers, commonly on streets, sidewalks, and transit stations.

Brands use street marketing and advertising to create a sense of community around a product or service, often targeting end users who are not likely to be reached through traditional and digital channels of marketing such as print ads or television ads. Street marketing is a marketing strategy that brings products or services directly to customers in a public place.

There are numerous benefits of street marketing and advertising, which include its ability to connect the brand directly with its target customers, create a sense of loyalty among consumers, and create a sense of anticipation around a new product or service. Most importantly, it is cost-effective, as it does not require huge advertising campaigns.

Common Types of Street Marketing & Advertising

Street furniture ads offer a variety of formats. These formats utilize public amenities, street-level placements, and fixtures to deliver messages directly to pedestrians and commuters in vehicles.

  • Bus Shelter Ads: Bus shelters offer a unique opportunity to reach a captive audience – both pedestrians waiting for public transportation and passengers in passing vehicles. Advertisers can leverage this dual exposure by placing strategically designed placements on both the interior and exterior surfaces of the shelter.
  • Kiosks Ads: Kiosks can display posters, screens, or other visual elements to promote businesses, events, or public services. Kiosks can also be used for small-scale retail, offering food, drinks, souvenirs, or other goods.
  • Newsstand Ad Placement: Strategically placed newsstand advertisements can effectively reach your target audience as they peruse the latest news.
  • Digital Street Furniture Ads: The landscape of street furniture advertising is undergoing a digital change. Static ads are being replaced with dynamic digital screens, captivating viewers with eye-catching visuals and the potential for interactive experiences. This shift in technology contributes to the enduring popularity of street furniture advertising

Level Up Your OOH Strategy with Street Furniture Ads

Street furniture advertising can be a very powerful tool in your out-of-home (OOH) marketing strategy. This strategic ad placement puts your brand right in front of pedestrians at eye level, offering a unique opportunity to connect with them during their daily routines.

Here’s how street furniture advertising can improve your OOH strategy:

  • Targeted Reach: Focus on specific demographics in high-traffic urban areas.
  • Engagement: Capture attention with creative messaging at pedestrian-friendly locations.
  • Cost-Effective: Offers a budget-friendly way to amplify your OOH campaign.
  • Local Focus: Perfect for promoting your brand to residents and local businesses.

Imbibing street advertising into your OOH strategy can create a more comprehensive and impactful campaign.

Evolution of Street Advertising Services in Dubai, U.A.E

Stand Out with Effective Street Marketing & Advertising

Within the vigorous and bustling streets of Dubai, a city known for its architecture and lighting, Wide Wings Media is redefining the essence of street advertising. Our street ad services are precisely hand – made to meet the evolving needs of brands in a competitive market.

We offer comprehensive street ad services to accelerate brand visibility and connections across Dubai’s hustling streets. Our services are tailored to integrate your brand into the fabric of the city, making its own landmark. We understand the unique market and sculpt your advertising campaigns to speak directly with your target audience by breaking all the challenges and noises that come your way.

Our services are diligently molded to address key challenges businesses come across in today’s saturated market. By prudently placing your ads in high-traffic areas, we guarantee maximum exposure. Our dedicated team assures that your message reaches the audience and makes a memorable impression. Whether it’s visiting your website, making a purchase, or simply promoting your brand, Wide Wings Media turns every street ad into a gateway for potential customer interactions.

X-tics (Features) of Street Ads in Dubai

  • Strategic Location Selection: Our deep understanding of Dubai’s urban landscape allows us to choose locations that increase visibility and engagement. Whether it’s a rural or an urban area, we find the perfect spot for your advertisements to be placed.
  • Creative Design and Messaging: Our team of creative ad designers designs ads that are not only appealing to look at but also transfer the intended information to the audience in a way that aligns with your business’s motives.
  • Integrated Digital Solutions : we complement our streets ads with digital marketing strategies, creating coherent campaign that spans multiple platforms for a unified brand experience
  • Real-time Performance Tracking: With our latest technology and analytical tools, we offer real-time insights into your campaign’s performance, allowing for timely adjustments and maximum results. 

Benefits of Street Marketing & Advertising Services

  • Enhanced Visibility: Our strategic placements ensure your brand is seen by a wide and diverse audience, increasing brand awareness.
  • Engagement and Interaction: Creative and compelling ads encourage interaction, driving traffic to your digital platforms and physical locations.
  • Increased ROI: Our integrated approach and real-time analytics ensure your marketing budget is invested in strategies that yield the highest returns.
  • Competitive Advantage: Stand out in Dubai’s competitive market with unique, memorable street advertising campaigns that capture and retain customer attention.

Testimonials about street marketing


TrendeeVerse is one of the many top retail brands in Dubai that have had successful marketing campaigns. They sought to expand their presence in the UAE’s competitive market. We devised a street ad campaign that combined eye-catching designs with strategic placements near shopping centers and key transit routes. The result was a 40% increase in foot traffic and a significant uptick in sales during the campaign period.

Client feedback

Our partnership with Wide Wings Media, an advertising company in Dubai, has transformed our brand’s visibility in Dubai. Their strategic approach and creative execution have brought our marketing vision to life.” CEO

Out-of-home (OOH) Marketing with Wide Wings Media

What sets Wide Wings Media apart is our all-inclusive approach to street advertising. Unlike competitors, we do not just place ads; we create immersive experiences that engage, inform, and inspire.

Our unique blend of creative excellence, strategic placement, and integrated digital solutions ensures that your brand not only grabs attention but also sustains interest and drives action. In the heart of Dubai, a city known for its luxury and innovation, we position your brand as an integral part of the urban narrative, making every street corner a touchpoint for potential engagement.

Our commitment to real-time analytics and performance optimization means that your campaigns are always evolving, staying ahead of market trends and consumer preferences. This adaptability, combined with our dedication to delivering gradable results, makes Wide Wings Media your optimal partner in navigating Dubai’s dynamic advertising landscape

Therefore, Wide Wings Media is not just about advertising; it is about creating a legacy for your brand on the streets of Dubai. Through strategic insight, creative brilliance, and a deep understanding of the digital age, we ensure that your message is not just seen but felt. Join us to engrave a trademark on every street in Dubai.

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