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Billboard Advertising

Wide Wings Advertising takes your brand to every neighborhood for maximum market penetration through mobile billboard advertisements.

In Dubai, these ads are the most cost-effective means of promotion. Our OOH billboards on vehicles are high-definition mobile Led Trucks showcasing advertisements.

These mobile billboards allow you to reach both your competitors' home base and high-profile locations with potential buyers, courtesy of Wide Wings Advertising’s outdoor mobile billboard advertising in Dubai, UAE.

Mobile advertising helps companies cast a wider net and target desired locations effectively.

  • + Strategy and Planning
  • + Location Selection
  • + Design and Creative Services
  • + Printing and Production
  • + Installation and Maintenance
  • + Digital Billboard Technology
  • + Campaign Management
  • + Compliance with Regulations
  • + Impactful Messaging
  • + Competitor Analysis
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LED Billboards

LED Billboards offer vibrant digital images that can change every few seconds, making them versatile for both big and small spaces, inside and outside.

The best part is that multiple brands can display their ads, lowering the overall cost of advertising. Talk to us about the LED billboard and branding screen's cost in Dubai - UAE.

Traditional Signage

Traditional signage provides only one chance to convey all necessary campaign information.

Our pride lies in direct visibility and eye-level placement, making it an ideal means to captivate your audience with your trademark color scheme, slogan, or catchphrase. Special LED lights, dye-cuts, or a touch of humor can enhance the appeal further.

LED Screen Trucks

LED Screen Trucks, also known as LED Trucks in Dubai by Wide Wings Advertising, offer a mobile and interactive way to target specific markets with creative and adaptive advertising.

This concept is currently trending in Dubai and other places in the UAE. If you want to establish strong brand awareness and get noticed, get our outdoor billboard advertising.

Promo Trucks

Promo Trucks have the lowest cost-per-impression compared to other outdoor advertising forms, generating about 50,000 daily impressions. They allow flexible and convenient management of advertising creativity.

Ultimately, Promo Truck advertising in Dubai delivers greater reach at a lesser cost compared to other forms of advertising in the UAE.

Impactful Digital billboards advertising in Dubai

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Reach the hard-to-reach interiors and busy streets of the city with Wide Wings Media's dynamic taxi advertising solutions, delivering your message with maximum impact.

Taxi Advertising not only provides mobility but also enables direct contact with the target audience.

Billboard advertising is a powerful and visually impactful way to reach a wide audience, and Wide Wings Media is a prominent Billboard Advertising Company in Dubai and various other Emirates in the UAE.

Key points about their billboard advertising services include:

Extensive Network

Wide Wings Media boasts a network of billboards in strategic locations across the UAE for maximum visibility.

Visual Impact

Billboards create a powerful impression with their large size, constant visibility, and long-range impact.


Billboard advertising is a cost-effective means of reaching a broad audience, suitable for both large and small advertisers.

Brand Building

Billboards are ideal for building brand awareness and recognition.

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Billboard Advertising Made Easy

Billboards offer excessive-impact exposure but range in cost based totally on target market attainment. The price in line with the month relies upon elements like visitors' quantity, panel size, road type, and visitors' demographics like profits and education.

Out-of-domestic marketing boasts satisfactory attainment and price efficiency amongst conventional media. Imagine handing over TV-stage impressions for a fragment of the fee!

Our professionals collaborate with you to recognize your business goals and target audience. The layout crew then crafts draft advertisements for your evaluation and revision. Once finalized, we cope with the whole thing, from vinyl printing to installation, even offering any needed logos or artwork.

Digital billboards can pass live within hours of the very last approval, at the same time as vinyl ones normally take weeks.

Several elements affect an organization's income, which include emblem awareness, customer perception, competition, vicinity accessibility, carrier exceptional, and pricing. Likewise, successful billboards are clear, emotionally enticing, and offer compelling motives to behave.

Tape a printed replica of your ad 8 toes away, stare at it for 6–8 seconds, then ask yourself what you take into account. Do you make the call and offer to stand out? Did the message resonate? Does it feel actionable?

Advertising builds recognition, fosters acceptance as true, and affects conduct. However, the longer the selection-making system, the slower the consequences.

To speed matters up, focus on making purchases simpler through product choice, competitive pricing, an informed team of workers, and financing options.

Digital presentations unencumber thrilling opportunities. Showcase a couple of promotions, tailor commercials to precise times of day, update them with actual-time information, and even react to social media buzz.

Our layout team specializes in crafting fascinating digital billboard content material. Each virtual area can display up to eight commercials, rotating every ten seconds, giving each advertiser 1080 impressions per day.

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