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All Media Insights April 4, 2024

Cinema Advertising: Connect with emotion

Writen by Lawrence Peter

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Cinema Advertising: Emotional Connection With Your Audience!

Wide Wings Media and Advertising Agency is Dubai’s premier cinema advertising company. It offers brands unparalleled access to a captive audience of millions of moviegoers annually.

With 45% of all cinema impressions, we provide brands with an exceptional opportunity to connect with their target audience through immersive and impactful cinema advertising. Our vast network spans the U.A.E. It includes three of the top five and seven of the top ten theatre chains.

Our goal at Wide Wings Media is to elevate brands’ marketing strategies and deliver results by leveraging the power of the big screen. We offer a range of options, from classic and digital formats to innovative, interactive solutions. Furthermore, our experienced team of specialists is on hand to provide personalized guidance and support to ensure successful campaigns.

Imagine your brand shining on the big screen, captivating audiences in a way that traditional advertising can hardly achieve. This is the potential of cinema advertising—a unique combination of visual storytelling and audience engagement that provides an unparalleled platform for businesses to showcase their products and services. Our services are designed to harness this power, offering a comprehensive range of cinema advertising solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of any business looking to make a lasting impact.

Cinema advertising is more than just displaying an ad before a movie starts. It’s about creating a memorable experience that resonates with the audience even after they have left the theatre.

Our service profoundly understands this and offers dynamic and engaging solutions that match the medium. We specialize in crafting compelling content that complements the cinematic experience and precisely targets specific geographical locations. With our services, your brand will be noticed and remembered.

On-screen Cinema Advertising Opportunities

57% of people pay more attention to cinema ads than to those on TV or in magazines. Cinema ads are captivating, engaging, and of “movie” quality due to the use of visuals, music, and storytelling techniques. The big-screen format allows for total immersion in the experience.

Cinemas are a great way to reach a specific audience, particularly those who are affluent and educated. With the ability to target demographics by movie and experience, cinemas provide an opportunity for targeted advertising through pre-film and on-screen ads and product placement. They also offer a platform for companies to engage directly with their customers through special events and promotions. Moreover, cinemas allow businesses to reach a large audience quickly and efficiently.

Your R.O.I. from advertising with Wide Wings Media will continue to increase. The longer the campaign runs, the more opportunities it has to learn from past behaviour and adjust to show itself to users who will most likely become your clients.

At Wide Wings Media, we create campaigns with conversion goals, programmatic ad buying, etc., which allows us to achieve the most accurate results. By defining conversion goals, we also use expertise, experience, and algorithmic optimizations.

Receive high-quality, high-performing, and brand-safe traffic. With our self-serve platform for advertisers, you can gain absolute control and manage your campaigns easily. Thousands of advertisers and marketers, mobile app developers, and top companies use Wide Wings Media to drive business, acquire leads, and boost sales.

Cinema Ads: From Branding to Performance Measurement

Cinema Advertising: Emotional Connection With Your Audience!

Cinema advertising has been a part of the movie experience since the beginning of motion pictures. It has also been a brand-building medium for marketers to reach movie theatre audiences.

In today’s world, advertisers have many options available to them. The media landscape has expanded, and there are now numerous platforms to choose from—social media platforms, digital, CTV, broadcast/cable, and streaming. At the same time, consumption has become more fragmented, with marketers focusing on R.O.I. This has led to an increase in the options available to marketers seeking new and varied KPIs and the ability to measure the impact of media.

At Wide Wings Media, we offer effective cinema advertising solutions that help advertisers and media companies reach their desired audience. Our ad buying and selling traffic services are designed to provide various targeting options and ad units for managing your cinema advertising campaigns.

We understand that data plays a vital role in the success of any campaign, which is why we offer various filters in our reports to help you optimize your campaigns by narrowing down the precise information you need. Our clients trust us because of our cutting-edge approach to cinema advertising.

The Changing Landscape of Cinema Advertising

The media landscape is constantly changing and presents various challenges. With more people cutting the cord, streaming services need more scale. Ad fraud and bots are rampant, and consumers’ privacy is a top concern. Meanwhile, marketers and agencies are under immense pressure to demonstrate their value and are increasingly focused on balancing brand building with performance marketing.

Ten years ago, 70% of marketing budgets were dedicated to brand-building investments, greatly benefiting cinema advertising. However, only 30% of advertising budgets today go to these brand-building investments. We now allocate 70% of our budget towards media purchases that are based on performance.

In the marketing world, movie audiences are known to be highly engaged and receptive to unskippable messages. However, it has been challenging to identify this audience and measure its impact across different categories and KPIs. Moreover, as cross-platform video advertising options with measurable results became increasingly popular, cinema advertising was often overlooked as an upper-funnel solution and considered part of the out-of-home advertising landscape rather than the premium video marketing ecosystem.

Cinema Advertising’s Transformation: Targeting & Measurement

With reliable performance validation and relying on consistent data from different vendors, cinema advertising risks losing significant revenue to other mediums that provide better R.O.I. and ROAS tracking. This is because modern-day marketers are more focused on measuring the return on investment and return on advertising spend. In contrast, advertising agencies increasingly rely on multi-touch attribution (M.T.A.) models to deliver on brand objectives.

During the pandemic lockdowns, the cinema industry faced a challenging time. However, this period also acted as a driving force for strategic investments in data and technology. These investments, made at the pandemic’s beginning, allowed the Big Screen to be repositioned as a premium video platform capable of delivering the performance metrics advertisers sought while remaining a great brand builder for product launches and large campaigns.

Over the past two years, cinema advertising has significantly increased its ability to measure and target young, diverse audiences on a large scale. With more than 600 million people visiting theatres annually, cinema advertising offers substantial opportunities for advertisers to connect with culturally connected audiences.

Now, cinema advertising can measure, match, and track spending and behaviours, such as CTV and social media. With the ability to reach, engage, and measure moviegoer audiences, cinema advertising has transformed from a legacy medium to a data-powered performance medium. As a result, marketers can now target the elusive moviegoer audience for both brand and performance-based needs.

Data-Driven Insights for Better Targeting

The ability to measure the effectiveness of cinema advertising has become crucial for the industry. While cinema advertising already offers many benefits, such as reaching a previously unreachable audience of cord-cutters, it now has the advantage of analyzing audience data to gain a deeper understanding of who is seeing brand messages, responding to them, and returning for more.

As brands strive to obtain a genuine return on their marketing budget, ensuring that every dollar is well spent has become crucial. It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to adapt to the changing habits of younger consumers.

With more and more people ditching their TVs, skipping online ads, and using secondary screens while on the go, it’s crucial to grab their attention using effective marketing strategies. Marketers face the challenge of capturing their attention and motivating them to act. What could be better at grabbing people’s attention than a 40-foot screen with surround sound?

W.W.M., in collaboration with multiple measurement and technology partners, has made it possible to measure various aspects of brand awareness, recall, consideration, and purchase intent.

Additionally, they can match datasets while maintaining privacy compliance, enabling them to track customer acquisition, sales, store visits, app downloads, and other metrics. Cinema advertising is proving to be an effective way to reach consumers on a national level. Brands are using data points from various categories to create meaningful and measurable campaigns. This highlights the value of cinema advertising in reaching consumers on a large scale.

A major retailer recently conducted a nationwide measurement campaign, providing Q.R. code engagement rates, brand impact studies, and foot traffic attribution for in-store and digital platforms.

What’s next for cinema advertising?

Programmatic ad buying, using first-party data, and continuous innovation are all expected to shape the future of cinema advertising. As the industry continues to evolve, cinema advertising remains a powerful tool for reaching consumers meaningfully and measurably.

Marketing Strategy: Best Practices for Cinema Advertising.

Cinema Advertising: Emotional Connection With Your Audience!

Unsurprisingly, cinema has the highest engagement score and the lowest ad avoidance score. This makes sense, as there is little else to do while in the cinema, and many people see the ads as part of the cinema experience.

Cinema can be a great addition to an integrated marketing campaign that includes print, radio, television, and other mediums. It can even double or triple the impact of the campaign. Cinema provides a relaxed and receptive environment for consumers, making it easier to get your message across. By using cinema, you can provide a 360-degree marketing experience that is free of clutter and distractions.

Cinema advertising reaches a vast audience each month and has four times the recall rate of TV ads. Cinema advertising is a powerful way to reach specific audiences with creative and engaging messages. It effectively captures the attention of moviegoers and helps convey the intended message.

The Advantages of Cinema Advertising

  • It delivers your message to a captive audience.
  • Using a copy that appears on a screen can improve ad recall by utilizing sight, sound, and motion.
  • Compared to radio, cinema relies on little frequency to have an effect; a good ad will be enough as the audience is so engaged.
  • When an advertiser’s product is featured in a colourful movie on a big screen, it can enhance the company’s image.
  • Ads in cinemas are often placed near or within suburban shopping centres and other popular retail areas. This strategic placement allows for greater exposure to potential customers who are near the point of purchase.
  • You can target campaigns based on the location of the cinema’s demographic profile.

What Is Cinema Advertising?

Movie theatre advertising is commonly referred to as cinema advertising. It is a type of out-of-home advertising that uses various technologies. Movie theatres use different areas to display a variety of ads in various formats, such as static posters, digital ads, and videos.

Different types of cinematic advertising examples can be seen in movies.

  • Video ads: Before movie trailers start, you may see video ads or commercials for the cinema. Generally speaking, they are similar to advertisements that are aired on television.
  • Slideshow ads: These are the silent, still advertisements that play on the screen while you’re filing into the theatre and picking your seat.
  • Kiosk ads: Kiosk ads appear on movie theatre kiosks. They are usually placed in the lobby and have digital or static options.
  • Standees: These are big, stand-alone ads that look like giant posters.
  • LED screens: When they go to the movies, the audience encounters more than just the silver screen. Many theatres offer digital advertising options on smaller LED screens throughout the building.

Cinema Advertising Trends

Although the past couple of years have not been a shining moment for cinemas or cinema advertising, there is some bounce-back in cinema advertising trends as audiences return to movie theatres.

Anxious audiences of cinemagoers represent a ready market for advertisers hoping to capitalize on the appeal of the big screen. As innovations in how movie theatres operate continue to develop, like touchless systems for ticketing and ordering concessions, so will new advertising opportunities.

Find Your Audience With Wide Wings Media

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We love OOH advertising and understand that launching a campaign can be complicated. We’ve developed a new platform to assist businesses, regardless of their size, with their OOH advertising objectives. Our platform is designed to change how OOH operates by simplifying the process.

We give you all the information you need to start advertising in malls, bars, or stadiums. We’ll help you kick-start your place-based media campaign.

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