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UI & UX Design

Hire Wide Wings Media (WWM) for your next UI and UX Design Service. We offer mission-critical UI & UX design services based on common sense and the user empathy framework backed by real-world data and verifiable sources.

At Wide Wings Media, we assess and design UIs according to the laws of user experience (UX) as a component of complex human behaviour.

Our UI & UX design team follows w3C standards to maximize your website or applications' usage on any device or network while also following the requirements for better compatibility.

WWM's designs streamline business processes and reduce unnecessary expenses with full-fledged website functionality for promotional campaigns

  • + UI Design Services
  • + UX Design Services
  • + Wireframing
  • + User Research
  • + UI Prototyping
  • + User Journey Mapping
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Wide Wings Media (WWM) is all about open communication. That means we'll keep you updated on everything that's going on with your project, from the latest updates to your ideas. We value your feedback and use it to make things even better.

Fast, Reliable Delivery

WWM doesn't just build websites and apps, we deliver them right when you need them. We use advanced tools and proven planning techniques to keep projects moving smoothly, all without sacrificing quality.

Enhanced User Experience

We have an intelligent and creative team of UI/UX designers working with the latest technology to deliver impressive user-friendly solutions that grow with your business.

Flexible Partnerships

We understand that projects change and your business needs can evolve. WWM offers flexible engagement models which allows for the flexibility to choose through different models as needed.

Results-driven UI/UX Design Services

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Wide Wings Media (WWM) has a treasure of talented UI/UX designers in Dubai with proficiency in creating highly realistic and impactful websites and apps.

Our Dubai-based UI/UX designers are masters at crafting stunning and effective products. We get to know your business inside and out to develop the perfect strategy.

From the get-go, you start by speaking to one of our UX/UI expert. Our UX design process starts from strategic planning and ends at the launch of your web or application.

We strive to create seamless UX designs that fits all platforms and gives a memorable experience. Contact the leading UI/UX design company in Dubai for an extraordinary experience.


We offer comprehensive user research to identify their pain points and make data-driven decisions. With our well-crafted clarity derived from the findings, you will gain confidence in your product's direction.

  • + Competitive analysis
  • + User interviews
  • + Journey mapping
  • + Visual research


Get actionable UX/UI design recommendations and audits from our UX/UI experts to solve design challenges and foster an impressive user experience. Unlock your business's digital potential

  • + UX strategy
  • + Information architecture
  • + User flows
  • + Visual direction


We transform your user experience with wireframing and interface prototypes that connect wireframes to interactive reality adding distinctiveness to your vision.

  • + Wireframes
  • + Clickable prototypes
  • + Visual design
  • + Design system


WWM unifies your business's visual language, establishes brand-focused guidelines, and develops UI components to solve brand inconsistencies and design clutter. We make it easy to foster brand integrity across all touchpoints.

  • + A/B testing
  • + Usability testing
  • + User surveys

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Stand Out with Dubai's Top UI/UX Design

Ever feel lost in a sea of numbers? Our UI/UX design team can transform that data overload into clear and easy-to-use dashboards.


We're talking dream teams of UX/UI wizards and graphic designers who can untangle even the most complex information.

Ever feel like you're building something no one actually wants? That's where user research comes in. It's NOT some fancy, expensive thing – it's about talking to real people to see what they REALLY need.


Think of it like this: by doing user research, we skip the guesswork and focus on features that people will actually love. The result? A happier you (because you're not wasting time) and a happier them (because they're getting something that works for them).

At WWM, our wireframing and prototyping strategy is comprised of impressive UI services intended to solve challenges of visualization and complex design concepts which ensures that your ideas are exhausted to climax and transformed into tangible, user-friendly interfaces.


We facilitate a smooth transition of your ideas into interactive prototypes while ensuring that all potential UX design flaws are fixed with the design process hence efficiency and reliable results.

As the leading user interface design (UI) company in Dubai, we bring a data-driven approach to the design equation while ensuring each element serves a purpose.


With real-world data as our compass, our UX designers create websites and application interfaces that resonate with the target audiences. Embrace the creativity of our UI/UX designers grounded on real-world insights.

Intuitive designs are what UX professionals strive for, it significantly translates into higher conversion user satisfaction rates. For our clientele, we always recommend regular UX audits that enhance their website's appearance and user interaction.


When carrying out a UX audit, our UX design consultant checks the main user flows in your brand's website or app and identifies issues to consider in the order of their severity. The UX design team then sorts them out according to priorities and forwards them to the development team to fix the most crucial usability mistakes and avoid negative user comments.

At Wide Wings Media, we focus on the main usability issues within your system and we collect both qualitative and quantitative data to gauge user satisfaction with the product.

We leverage user experience experts as the best UI/UX design agency to assess applications and website's ease of use. We use guerilla testing and direct engagement with target audiences to get feedback for improvement.

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